In this first number of Brazilian Journal Ecology the direction of Ecology Society of Brazil wants to honor Dr. José Galizia Tundisi. This professor is the president of National Council of Scientific and Technologic Development (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, CNPq) since February 01, 1995 and he is one of the most famous Brazilian scientist in Ecology, specifically in Limnology and Oceanographic.

José Galizia Tundisi (56) was born in São Paulo State and he is a graduate in Natural History (Universidade de São Paulo, USP), master in Oceanographic (University SouthHampton), PHD in Science (USP) and other

University titles in the Ecology area.

He was the coordinator of four projects with international cooperation on Limnology and Ecology, involving scientific institutions from Japan, United States and Belgium.

Dr. Tundisi has oriented 36 dissertation of master, 15 thesis of PHD, and at this moment is orienting 12 students for postgraduate work and other Graduate Course. He has published 210 papers in journal of large circulation in national and international area and he is the coordinator of Fundação de Amparo À Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP) project thematic.

Dr. Tundisi was vice president of International Society of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (86/89); member of Scientific Committee of International Lake Environment Committee (86/94); president of Ecology Society of Brazil (90/92); titular of Brazilian Academies of Science and Science of

São Paulo State, and member of Ecology Institute (AL). He had other national and international activities.

He has received many honors such as the Augusto Ruschi medal (86), Moinho Santista (92), member of National Order of Scientific Merit (92) and the Boutros-Ghali, ONU (95) and Japan premium.

The direction of Ecology Society of Brazil whishes continuous progress on his scientific project and congratulates this scientific and all his family.

This direction also gives special honor to Dr. Tocaya Matsumura Tundisi, his wife and a scientist also.

HONORS for this married couple



President of Ecology Society of Brazil